Maybe Your Job Isn’t That Bad…

“…You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good…”

This quote by Jerry West , a retired American basketball player who played for the Los Angeles Lakers always helps me through some of those days when I feel like the size of the assignments I have to get done with are as huge as Lavelle Crawford but when the vibe just isn’t right.

But what about on those days when even a quote won’t make sense to you? What do you do? I say, you look around, be thankful for where you are or what you are doing and life moves on.

We all have those moments/days, where the going gets tough, the job becomes annoying at a point, pushing you to that point where you think you’re doing the worst job a person could ever do.

When this happens, the rants kick in, the hate tweets kick in, but there’s always a silver lining in every cloud, you just have to find it, so my fingers just thought they’d help you find this silver lining. How about you take a chill pill for a second and be thankful for that “bad” job you got because while you rant about how annoying your job is , while you think that everything about your job is just not right like Shaquille Oneal’s free-throw shooting skills (I just had to throw that in there, I’m sorry Shaq fans) , it (your job) might actually be a blessing in disguise.

I don’t make sense, do i? yeah, I know, well, here’s my fingers’ thoughts on why your job might actually not be that bad;

McDonald’s, the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serves those foods that would make losing weight as hard as finding a decent Meek Mill diss track, from burgers to buttermilk crisp chicken sandwiches, why am I writing about McDonald’s in a job related article? Well, if you think your job is bad, just remember there’s a lady or gentleman out there whose job is to clean the toilets at McDonalds, let that sink in, hahahaha, #MaybeYourJobIsn’tThatBad.

Team-USA a couple of weeks back held a training camp for their basketball team to choose 12players out of 34 to represent their country at the 2016 Rio Olympics, google the list and see how much talent is in the 34 that were called, I would never want to have the job of the TeamUSA headcoach, like tell me exactly how easy it would be for you to choose between elite players like Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, John Wall, how would you look Kyrie in the eyes and tell him he didn’t make the team. #MaybeYourJobIsntThatBad

Last night as I came back home, my boda chap decided to use the Speke Road route, I couldn’t help but notice a bunch of ladies that had their legs out and the weather wasn’t even funny, I had my jumper on but was freezing to death. Aren’t they feeling cold?, I asked the boda man, he replied “munange, atunda ayolesa, yamazaawo amangu” loosely translated as “he who sells while showing their stuff off is the one that will be WINNING at the end of the night” moneywise , I stand to be corrected on that one but you get the picture, right?

So while you tweet about how annoying your job is in the comfort of your couch, just know there’s ladies out there that have to keep their legs out even on cold nights just to get some “gorrilas”. I say once again, #MaybeYourJobIsntThatBad.