My Biggest Fear. (Kobe Inspired)

This week I woke up to news that just got me so unhappy but then again, that’s what life is about, what can we do?

So anyway, as I checked my my phone for game updates and highlights, I came across a poem written by Kobe Bryant on the players’ tribune about him hanging his sneakers (basketball language for retiring) after this NBA season.

In the poem he just lets us in on just how much he really loves basketball and as I read it, I just couldn’t help but feel emotional about the whole thing which had me wondering why this age thing can be a female dog sometimes.

I started watching the NBA in 2007 and as a kid back then, the one player who I admired and loved watching was Kobe, his work ethic was second to non, his ability to knock down shots, amazing, I just knew I was a fan from day 1.

And now I can’t believe this will be my last season to watch him play, but I won’t sit here and whine about that, I’ll just enjoy what’s left of him.

And no matter what all the Kobe haters say, Kobe wil always be my nigga.

All this though, had me thinking about things, thinking about fears to be precise.

Do you have anything that scares you to death, anything that freaks you out when you think about it.

What’s your biggest fear?

As you think about that, allow me let you in on mine.

I always thought death was my biggest fear but then over the years I sort of came to terms with that because I don’t have control over it and like my lecturer always says, don’t think about death until you are dead, live life to the fullest and be thankful for each day you are up above the ground.

Then I asked myself what would be the one thing that would scare me the most, as I thought about it, that’s when I received a phone call from one of my teammates that I had to head to the court for basketball practice, as I’m walking to the court, that’s when it hit me.

I think I know what my biggest fear is, my biggest fear has got to be the day I won’t receive a phone call from my coach or my teammates to go out and shoot some hoops.

The day I will wake up one morning and I won’t be able to go out there and run plays with my teammates, that right there is my biggest fear.

As a big fan of basketball, sometimes I never imagine my life without it, it has taught me so much, for me basketball is more than a game, its a lifestyle so I never even want to think of the day that I wont be able to play the game, I know it will come but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

They always say sometimes you have to face your fears, I just faced mine and wrote about it, what’s yours?